Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce-Created Certifications

Salesforce offers more than 20 exams you can take to certify your knowledge of the platform. Taking a certification exam can build confidence and cements knowledge that is comprehensive and often challenging.

Certification exams are:

  • Proctored and timed in a secure testing environment (remote or in-person).
  • Composed of a set number of multiple-choice questions.

Washtenaw Community College is the Salesforce testing center closest to Ann Arbor. Exams cost anywhere from $200-$400 for the first attempt and half-cost for subsequent attempts.

Recommended exams for initial consideration:

View more information about exams in the Salesforce Guide to Certification Paths.

Focus on Force

Focus on Force is a third-party website aimed at providing Salesforce Certification Exam study materials for paid members. Several members of the SFCOE have benefited from using Focus on Force to study for, and pass, Certification Exams. This paid option is recommended for individuals who want a more structured approach to studying for their certification and may have additional professional development funds to allocate to their Salesforce learning.

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