ITS Enterprise Salesforce Org Features & Benefits

Joining the ITS Enterprise Salesforce Org comes with standard support from the ITS Salesforce Center of Excellence (SFCOE), which includes:

  • Integration to and maintenance for institutionally-sourced data.
  • Monitoring and production support for all infrastructure and technology for the Enterprise Org.
  • Patching and updates for all infrastructure and technology.
  • Billing and licensing management.
  • Operational start-up support such as training and documentation.
  • Continuing, self-service education opportunities for licensed users.
  • Ticketed support conforming to the ITS General Service Level Expectations.

Why should I use Salesforce?

At U-M, Salesforce is used to manage and track customer relationships with:

  • Companies and organizations outside U-M seeking helpĀ 
  • Faculty and staff
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Internal communications

Beyond that, Salesforce is a platform where solutions can be built to address specific needs. If your unit's business needs involve tracking interactions with students, employees, or units at the University, Salesforce may help simplify your work and give you actionable insights into the work you're doing.

Sensitive Data

The ITS Enterprise Salesforce Org is approved for FERPA data, but is not approved for other regulated data, such as HIPAA. For clinical or Michigan Medicine-related use cases, please contact the Health Information Technology & Services Service Desk.