Online Access Request System (OARS)

Online Access Request System (OARS) is a tool for requesting and authorizing access to administrative data in ITS-managed systems and applications. It is also used to remove access when an employee no longer has a business need for that access—such as when an employee changes roles or transfers to another unit. The UMVPN is required to connect to OARS from a non-UM network (e.g., when working from home).

OARS is used to request and remove access to the following systems:

U-M faculty or staff members can obtain access to the university's administrative data resources that pertain to the type of data and level of access they need to conduct university business. Your role controls what you can see and do within OARS.

  • Unit Liaisons can initiate and authorize access requests for all users in their unit. The Access Validation Report should be used to verify current system access.
  • Individuals can view only their own information. They can initiate access requests for themselves and others, but cannot authorize requests.

Administrative Systems Training

ITS coordinates training programs that prepare U-M staff to use U-M administrative systems and the U-M Data Warehouse. My LINC is the University of Michigan’s web-based learning and information center.