Poster Printing

Two Ways to Print Posters

Campus Computing now offers a free pre-order service for printing posters in advance. You can also print posters yourself at the Angell Hall ("Fishbowl") and Shapiro Library locations.

1. Pre-Order & Pick Up

Follow these formatting tips and submit your poster

Please allow 24 hours for processing. You will receive an email from the Tech Consultant team when your poster is ready for pick up at the Fishbowl.

Advantages of pre-ordering your poster include:

  • Experienced professionals will review your order to minimize printing mistakes
  • No waiting in line for the printer or for the print job to complete
  • Poster will be cut-to-size and packed in a clear plastic sleeve 

Need help submitting? Follow these step-by-step instructions for filling out the submission form.

2. Print Yourself 

Print to “Poster Follow Me” from a Sites Computer.

Visit the Poster Release Page. From here you can delete or preview your print job(s), review the total cost, size dimensions, and view a print preview of the desired output. 

Once you are ready to release the poster, you can select “Release” from the preview screen and choose your desired Poster Printer.

If you are having trouble and/or would like assistance, please talk to Tech Consulting staff at the Angell Hall “Fishbowl” Computing Site and they would be happy to walk you through the process. They are always available during business hours at the Fishbowl or either Computer Showcase location.

Poster Printing Tips

It takes time to set up files correctly for poster printing, so make sure you reserve extra time to print.

  • Printing at Shapiro or Fishbowl? See a tech consultant for help to ensure your poster is printed correctly.
  • Consider using the same operating system while designing your poster; switching between Mac and PC can lead to issues.
  • The poster printer can print the entire 40" width of the paper. Please include a margin in your poster design if a margin is desired.
  • Avoid using transparent colors.
  • Use images and graphs that are saved as TIF, PNG, or EPS and have a minimum of 150 ppi (pixels per inch) to avoid pixelated appearance.
  • Save or convert files to CMYK color model before printing. The RGB color model is the default on most software and is optimized for digital screens, not printing. Use Photoshop, available on Campus Computing Sites computers, to change the color model (Image menu and select Mode > CMYK).
  • Save the poster file as PDF, TIF, or EPS.

Looking to scan a large poster or document?

Poster Printer 1 at the Angell Hall “Fishbowl” Computing Site can scan posters up to 40” wide. Get support for scanning large documents.