TeamDynamix (TDx) is a web-based service management platform that provides general ticketing, approval workflows, tracking of customer requests and knowledge base articles. TeamDynamix can support IT service management and has capabilities that provide general customer support or management of other non-IT functions like facilities and human resources too.

The U-M agreement with TeamDynamix provides for unlimited, enterprise licensing and robust multi-tenant capabilities. Under this model, ITS pays for enterprise user licenses and is the global administrator for the service.

Features & Benefits

TeamDynamix can be used to:

  • Be a central ticketing repository and process user requests
  • Set up workflow, track approvals and assist in automating processes
  • Deliver knowledge for supporting customers
  • Manage IT services:
    • Resolve incidents
    • Identify and solve problems
    • Handle changes to the computing environment
    • Manage IT assets and contracts