MCommunity Directory

When MCommunity was updated on July 30, 2022, the URLs of individual profile pages and MCommunity Group pages were changed. An automatic redirect function has been in place since the update, but the redirect is scheduled to end on August 8, 2023. Links will need to be updated on unit web pages, online curricula, class or department profiles, email signatures, and more. Old links can be identified by looking for the # symbol in any MCommunity URL. Examples:
MCommunity Group Profile

Individual Person Profile

If you encounter an old link, please share this information with the person or unit responsible for the link so they can update it. Starting August 8, 2023, the old URLs will no longer work and users will receive a “page not found” message when clicking an old link.

MCommunity is a directory of people and groups at the University of Michigan. As an enterprise directory that includes the entire university, it is part of a larger identity management system that provides information on who is and is not a member of the U-M community.

  • Information about people in the directory is available to the public.
  • Group information is available to the U-M community.
  • All current members of the U-M community have profiles in the MCommunity Directory. This includes faculty, staff, students, retirees, alumni, and sponsored affiliates.
  • Information comes from university sources and U-M member personalization choices.
  • Anyone who has a profile in the directory has the ability to create groups in the directory.

Note: Students can check the Office of the Registrar's U-M Student Rights and Student Records page to learn what information about them is considered "directory information."

Getting Started

MCommunity Profile

Refer to Overview of the MCommunity Directory for details on the sources of the information in your MCommunity profile and how you can update that information. Individuals have options for personalization and privacy settings for their MCommunity Profile. Refer to About Your MCommunity Profile: View and Edit and Privacy and Your MCommunity Profile for detailed instructions.

MCommunity Groups

MCommunity groups are used to send emails, share U-M Google resources, authorize access to resources, and more. Refer to Creating, Renewing, and Deleting MCommunity Groups for more information. Other detailed instructions can be found on the Support page.

Submit an Image for MCommunity

Do you have an image of somewhere on a U-M campus or someone within the University of Michigan you’d like to see on MCommunity? If you own the copyright on it, submit your image here for consideration.