Grouper at U-M

Grouper is an access management tool with current institutional data available to create groups and automatically sync them where they are needed to control access to services

Services with access managed by groups created with institutional data in Grouper are automatically kept updated as institutional data in Grouper updates in near real-time with changes as they occur in underlying systems of record. This means the right people have the right access at the right time. 

Grouper simplifies the access management process.

  • Eliminates the need to manually update access-group memberships. The right people have the right access at the right time.
  • People are deprovisioned promptly when they no longer are entitled to services.
  • It is easy to know who has access to which U-M services and why.

Grouper was created by and for higher education to address the challenges of creating institutional roles and access management solutions for an environment that allows different organizational units to work together and share public services. Grouper provides support and collaboration to fast-track getting started and improve Grouper functions to support common higher education cases.

For a high-level overview with key points to better understand Grouper at a glance, refer to Grouper — Automating U-M groups for University Business.