ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 10/20/2018

HCM - Health System Scheduling & Time Attendance

This project's objectives are to establish standard work processes for efficient scheduling and timekeeping. Project scope includes process improvement, leveraging existing technology where possible and separating out the Scheduling component.

Target end date: 8/2/2019
Project manager: Yoas,Scot M
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

Identity Governance Early Adoption (Formerly RAMP)

The Identity Governance Early Adoption Project is releasing the Identity Governance tool for U-M units to use to strategically and proactively manage access to university digital and physical resources—ensuring the right individual access the right resource at the right time, from the right environment, and for the right reason.

This project will work closely with contacts from the College of Engineering, Shared Services Center, and UM-Dearborn. These early adopters will use the tool to automate access for off hours building access, M-Pathways FIN PeopleSoft Procurement roles, and Banner access for Financial Aid Administration, respectively. The team will demonstrate the Identity Governance tool’s key features by automatically granting and revoking the right access at the right time for a targeted population of individuals in select systems.

For more information about this project, visit

Target end date: 12/21/2018
Project manager: Swaney,Jennifer
Executive Director: Bermann,Sol

ITS Application Security Testing

Establish an IA capability to promote and support the security of software and applications developed and maintained across the university.

Target end date: 4/30/2019
Project manager: Palmby,Brian
Executive Director: Bermann,Sol

ITS Software Services Portal

The scope of this request is for the community members of University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, as well as, the University of Michigan Health System, which numbers over 100,000.
Software licensing in higher education has become more complex with new offerings such as cloud computing, software as a service, changing information security needs, and more complex vendor licensing terms requiring more time spent in vendor negotiations. The university’s software licensing team is looking to find a way to better serve their customer base more efficiently so that they can reallocate the available resources to more strategic activities and problem solving.

Currently, there are many processes in place at the university for the request, acquisition, deployment, management, and retirement of enterprise software. Software resources are provisioned to meet the requirements of faculty, staff, and students working in Windows, Mac OSx, and Linux operating systems on desktop and virtual environments using university machines and their own devices.
This request is for a solution for request, acquisition, and management of purchased software licenses, as well as serving as a data repository for all associated financial transactions. The university is looking to implement an easy-to-use, self-service solution that will allow users to obtain software from an online portal. The solution must enable customer and/or internal information access and sharing about offered applications, vendor contract information, number of licenses purchased from a vendor, the number of software licenses purchased by end users, customer accounting and billing information. The integration to a procurement system or software delivery system is out of scope for the initial implementation along with retiring existing tools.

Project Goals

Provide faculty/staff/students a single portal to see and request software titles available to them from ITAM/SWLD.
Automate the request and enable self-service fulfillment of select software titles
Present a common request and fulfillment experience for titles that cannot be automated.
Implement process efficiencies to reduce labor required to process and administer software requests
Create billing files that can interface with university systems for verification of accounts to eliminate errors.
Consolidate all pertinent purchasing, billing, inventory status, contract terms, vendor information, customer records, license entitlements, price lists, and all associated documents in a single system.

Target end date: 5/31/2019
Project manager: King,Earnest
Executive Director: Jones II,Robert Douglas

ITS Systems Data Center Relocation

ITS Systems Data Center Relocation project is focused on preparing for and moving ITS systems out of the Michigan Academic Computing Center (MACC) to support the delivery of an additional 1 MW of power to ARC-TS by reducing ITS physical footprint and power consumption at the MACC data center.

Target end date: 12/24/2018
Project manager: Castle,Jeffrey J
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

LAADS - UDP Phase 2: Consumption

The University of Michigan has partnered with the Unizin consortium to deliver a learning data platform that will provide the storage, data sets, governance, and services to enable access to cross-domain information in a timely and repeatable way.Phase 1 of the Unizin Data Platform (UDP) project refined and validated the Unizin data model and conducted security review and end-point hardening. The platform will be ready for general release to consortium members in the Fall of 2018.With the establishment of a stable data platform, we are in a position to start building services consuming the data in the UDP and delivering value to educators and researchers. These services include data marts, APIs, generalizable set of visualization tools.

Target end date: 6/28/2019
Project manager: Love,Jennifer
Executive Director: Demonner,Sean Michael

MCommunity Ecosystem Upgrade

The MCommunity ecosystem must be upgraded to remain current and on a supported release of the Micro Focus products. In addition, an upgrade of the environment is a dependency on the implementation of the Identity Governance software that is being deployed by the Role and Access Management Project (RAMP) through the Enterprise Identity and Access Management (EIAM) Program. The upgrade deliverables will include:- Upgrading eDirectory to version 9.1 in the non-production and production environments by July 30, 2018 - Upgrading Identity Manager to either version 4.6.3 or 7 (We will work with Micro Focus to determine the appropriate version) in the non-production and production environments by July 30, 2018- Upgrading the Identity Manager Driver software in non-production and production environments by September 30, 2018.

Target end date: 11/30/2018
Project manager: Brannon,Eric
Executive Director: Bermann,Sol

MWrite Transition to ITS

During Spring 2018, at the request of partners at the Sweetland Writing Center (SWC) and the Office of Academic Innovation (AI), ITS Teaching & Learning (T&L) began evaluating the possibility of transferring operational responsibility for the MWrite service to ITS. This would be the second such transfer of a software application and related service and support from AI to T&L (the first being the academic advising tool Student Explorer which moved during the summer of 2017). Although technical work remains to be done (feature backlog, load testing, security and accessibility reviews, etc.), we recommend that operational responsibility for the MWrite application be transferred to ITS over the summer of 2018. The T&L team will work in partnership with SWC and AI over the following year (FY19) to ensure the service is stable, promoted, and appropriately resourced to maintain smooth service delivery at enterprise scale. Our collective experience and evaluation over FY19 will inform a potential FY20 budget request.

Target end date: 12/13/2018
Project manager: Crouch,Catherine M
Executive Director: Demonner,Sean Michael

PrivaScope Pilot

PrivaScope: Pilot project to implement the infrastructure service that will provide secure enclave for U-M research of location and other infrastructure data.

Target end date: 12/4/2018
Project manager: Thomas,Katarina Kt
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

RAS: AM - AAALAC Improvements Pt2

AAALAC Continous Improvements Pt2- Until U of M is off of probation with AAALAC there will be a constant need to make system changes/improvements. Even if U of M is off of probation there will be items needed to keep us off probation that are recommended by AAALAC The scope of this will be determined based on continual feedback from AAALAC and consultants that have be hired by the Animail Care and Use Office (ACUO formally UCUCA). This project is Compliance related.

Target end date: 10/31/2019
Project manager: Cooper,Camille B
Executive Director: Behm,Jim