Areas of Focus

ITS strives to help U-M faculty, researchers, staff, and students be world-class in their use of technology to teach, learn, research, and work. Our vision is to make U-M a leader in the most appropriate use of technology among our peers in higher education and beyond.

Our work is guided by these initial areas of focus and rooted in creating cohesive digital experiences and enabling enterprise-level innovations for the university community.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Delivering excellent customer service is a priority for ITS. Our goal is to work as one ITS team to improve the way we serve the U-M campus by providing proactive service that is laser-focused on the needs of our community.

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Secure an Open Society

As data creation grows at an exponential rate, the need to appropriately protect institutional and personal data, while maintaining an open academic environment, is ever more urgent and complex. Our goal is to continue to enhance the IT security and privacy of the university.

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Support Data-Informed Decision Making

Understanding where our data is and engaging in better practices to manage it, use it, and protect it is critical to the university. Our goal is to support an empowered community of data consumers who have on-demand, role-based access to enterprise data.

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Deliver Intuitive Research Computing Solutions

Data and computation are at the core of all research activities. Science often benefits from involvement across faculty, domains, campuses, or institutions. Our goal is to support world-class research and teaching using frictionless interfaces.

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Build a Transformational Network and Systems

The university network and administrative systems are critical to its success. Our goal is to build a resilient, fast, and secure network and systems that provide researchers and members of the U-M community with the capacity they need without affecting business and academic needs of the campus.

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