eProcurement Modernization Project FAQ

Is there a list of current customizations?

Major changes are documented on this project page. If there are additional questions about the changes, please contact [email protected].

What is "Fluid"?

"Fluid" is the term PeopleSoft uses to describe their new look and feel for PeopleSoft modules that are being updated. It is a mobile-friendly, responsive design that has the same functionality across devices and screen sizes. "Classic" is the term used to describe the previous version of their user interface. To learn more, PeopleSoft has a short video that describes the Fluid User Interface.

Will these changes impact the PRF Form?

The changes to the eProcurement pages will not have any impact on the PRF Form. The form is completed and routed for approval, then a requisition is manually entered.

How can I access M-marketsite?

On the Create Requisition page, click Web Suppliers in the menu on the left.

I do not have the option to create M-marketsite orders. The Web Supplier option is missing.

If you have items left in your cart, the Web Supplier option is not available. You can:

  • Delete the items from your cart, and then click Continue Shopping and the Web Suppliers option will become available.
  • Save the requisition if you need to process the order at a later time.
  • Submit the requisition.
Does the Save function work for this upgrade? Will it work with a contract number that is out of money or not enough?

Yes, The Save function will work with the upgrade. If the requisition exceeds the amount on the contract, the following error will display when trying to submit: Error: This Requisition will exceed the total remaining amount available on Contract Id.

How can I change the Requester ID when prior Unsaved/Unsubmitted Requisition lines exist in Requisition Cart?

If items already exist in the cart, you won't be able to change the Requester (the new Requester might not have access to the items already existing in the cart). Once all the prior requisition lines, that were not saved or submitted, are removed or deleted from the Shopping Cart, you can then edit the Requester ID on the requisition.

Where is Manage Requisitions?

Manage Requisitions is now My Requisitions. You can access My Requisitions from the Purchasing and Payments homepage.

Favorites and/or NavBar is missing from Create Requisition and/or Manage Requisitions.

These are pointing to the old Classic pages, and are no longer available. You will need to add the new Fluid pages to the NavBar or Favorites. For more information, see Navigating the New M-Pathways.

Can I navigate to Create Requisition and/or My Requisitions using the NavBar?

No, Create Requisition and My Requisitions can no longer be accessed through the NavBar. However, you can add it to your Favorites or save it to the NavBar. For more information, see Navigating the New M-Pathways.

I don't see the option to send attachments to a Supplier.

The system does not send attachments to a Supplier. The send to supplier checkbox in Classic (old system) was available, but the attachment was not actually sent to the supplier.

Can I use multiple SpeedCharts on the Mass Change page or the Distribution page?

No, when you enter a SpeedChart it will only update the first distribution line.

What is a SpeedChart?

SpeedChart is simply another term for Shortcode.