Getting Started with Informatica Cloud at U-M

Informatica Cloud at U-M is a for-fee service. To learn more about pricing information, refer to the Informatica Cloud at U-M form.

Informatica Cloud Funding Model FY23

  1. Base License: No cost to individual units.
  2. Secure Agents:

    1. ITS Secure Agents: Units may use at no cost as long as their usage does not impede other ETL processes.
    2. Unit IT Secure Agents: Units are responsible for licensing fees. Contact ITS-DISC for pricing.
  3. Shared Connector: Units split the cost of these connectors with ITS.  
  4. Unit IT Connector: Units are responsible for the cost of these connectors.  

Requesting Access

Please use the Informatica Cloud at U-M form for initiating the discussion to join the Informatica Cloud service. Once the form has been submitted, the ITS DISC team will contact you with further details and next steps.

U-M Guidelines and Policies

Informatica Cloud can be used to process sensitive data if the data source, agent location (recommend using MiServer), and data destination have been approved for the specific data type in use. Please refer to the Sensitive Data Guide entries to ensure that all three locations have been approved for your data.

For more information: