Informatica Cloud at U-M FAQ

How do I log in to the sandbox environment? How do I get access?

Click the Sandbox link to log in to the sandbox environment. Click the Production link to log in to the production environment. Use the Informatica Cloud at U-M form to request access.

Is Informatica Cloud available for all campus units?

Informatica Cloud at U-M is available for all campus units including Michigan Medicine.

What kind of connectors are available in Informatica Cloud?

In the current installation of Informatica Cloud, we only have a few connectors enabled. Please refer to Informatica Cloud Connector List to look at the available connectors to license. Each type of connector is priced differently. To know the pricing structure, please use the Informatica Cloud at U-M form to contact us for the pricing details.

Who do I contact for a new connector?

Contact the ITS IQ team by using the Informatica Cloud at U-M form.

Is Informatica Cloud a free service?

No, every unit interested in using this service has to share the license cost. Contact Informatica Cloud at U-M for pricing details.

What is the price of each connector?

Pricing varies depending on the type of connector. Please use the Informatica Cloud at U-M form to contact us for the pricing details.

What is the data classification for Informatica Cloud?

Informatica Cloud is permitted to use some U-M Data Classification Levels.

Is Informatica Cloud HIPAA-compliant?

Informatica Cloud can be used to process sensitive data (including HIPAA) if the data source, agent location (recommend using MiServer), and data destination have been approved for the specific data type in use.

What user roles are assigned by default?

A user group will be created for each unit upon request. The following are the roles that will be assigned to each user group:

  • Data Integration Task Executor
  • Data Previewer
  • Deployer
  • Designer
  • Monitor
  • Operator
  • Service Consumer

One Unit Lead from each Unit IT will be given the admin role to create connections and perform other admin activities.

Are there guidelines available on how to set up the projects/mappings?

ITS will create a project folder for the unit. Each unit can create subfolders under the project folder based on their business requirements.

Where do I find additional training?

Visit the Informatica Network welcome page for support, knowledge base, training, discussions, and more.