Source/Use Reports

There are three types of Source/Use reports.

The Source/Use At-A-Glance report uses totals, graphs, and percentages to quickly highlight comparisons and trending data for your revenues and expenses for multiple fiscal years by all funds, a single fund, or a specific fund group.

The Source/Use Year-To-Date report offers financial managers the ability to:

  • Identify high level balances by fund or fund group for a fiscal year
  • Analyze sources of revenue and spending by fund or fund group
  • Select various groups of departments within a school/college/department group to facilitate reporting and analysis

The Source/Use Projections report provides year-end projections based on current and prior fiscal year data, enabling you to project full year revenues and expenses at any point during a fiscal year.

Access Details

Who needs access?

Individuals responsible for financial management and/or budget preparation and managers who have a business need to view financial information for a department or department group need access to Source/Use reports.

How do I request access?

Access is auto-granted to users who have access to BusinessObjects Fin-General Ledger > Budget > Procurement > Asset Universes. Access is also auto-granted to users with the M-Reports role ICEmployment.

To request access, submit an OARS request for M-Reports SourceUseReports.

What can users see?

When you first view Source/Use reports, you see a default criteria set that is based on your primary appointing department and the department group it rolls up to (e.g., LSA). You are not limited to these settings, so you can change the filters in the criteria bar to view information for any department. You also have the ability to drill down to details.

Data Sources

Sources Sets & Dictionary Refresh Schedule
Source/Use Reports contain data from the following M-Pathways systems: Financial and Physical Resources, Human Resource Management, and Student Administration Data is stored in a data cube called IPFSM. The source for the cube is PeopleSoft (M-Pathways) tables. IPFSM cube refresh completes every day around 6:30 a.m.