Enterprise Health

University of Michigan Enterprise Health allows faculty, students, and staff to enter their vaccine information in order to comply with university and/or Michigan Medicine requirements. This vaccine tracking system was implemented in partnership between Information Technology Services (ITS), Occupational Health Services (OHS), Human Resources, and Health Information Technology Services.

Enterprise Health implementation was divided into phases. Phase 1 focused on Michigan Medicine and Occupational Health Services (OHS), and began on August 16, 2023. All Michigan Medicine workforce member vaccinations, fit testing, and pre-placement health screenings were uploaded and managed in the Enterprise Health platform.

Phase 2 began on November 2, 2023 and applies only to students living in Michigan Housing on the Ann Arbor campus who must comply with Michigan Housing vaccination requirements.

All U-M faculty, students, and staff can pro-actively enter vaccine information in Enterprise Health, although there are no current university vaccine compliance requirements, except for students living in Ann Arbor campus housing.

Accessing Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health can be accessed using Vax Viewer on Wolverine Access