Campus Health Reporting Service

The Campus Health Reporting Service (CHRS) provides data collection, data management, coordination of ITS-supported services, and business intelligence needed for data-driven decision-making related to COVID-19.

  • Enterprise Health
    Vaccine tracking system in partnership between Information Technology Services (ITS), Occupational Health Services (OHS), Human Resources, and Health Information Technology Services.
  • ResponsiBLUE
    ResponsiBLUE is a mobile app and accessible, mobile-friendly website that helps faculty, staff, and students keep the university healthy and reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Vax Viewer
    Vax Viewer is a web front-end to the Qualtrics forms used to collect and view COVID-19 vaccination information. It shows individuals where their vaccination-related documentation stands in the verification process.
  • COVID-19 Dashboards
    Built in Tableau, the COVID-19 Dashboards are used by U-M leadership and the public at large to gauge the university’s progress in student and employee vaccination rates as well as daily cases and testing results.
  • CSTP Scheduling
    TimeTapp, a cloud based appointment scheduled solution, is used to schedule asymptomatic testing for U-M’s COVID-19 Community Sampling and Tracking program (CSTP).
  • Case Management
    Salesforce is used for collecting information about positive test results for case management, follow-up and contact tracing.