COVID-19 Dashboards

Built in Tableau, the COVID-19 Dashboards are used by U-M leadership and the public at large to gauge the university’s progress in student and employee vaccination rates as well as daily cases and testing results.

  • Public Dashboards
    Maintained under the Campus Maize and Blueprint site, the public dashboards show aggregate campus data pertaining to vaccination rates, CSTP data, and campus cases and testing data.
  • Internal Dashboards (login required)
    A collection of various restricted-access dashboard reports and crosstabs that can track compliance by individuals.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
    On-demand reports can be developed on an as-needed basis to help central office partners with the tracking and management of COVID-19 vaccination information. 

Vaccine Information Processing

Vaccine submissions are reviewed and accepted or rejected by staff in the Covid Call Center.