AFS Personal/Group Websites

AFS Personal and AFS Group Websites is an ITS service that uses the AFS central file storage system to store files related to static web pages. You may use this service to create simple websites or to make files publicly available via the web.

Who Is It For?

This option is ideal if you intend to maintain your own site through or, using simple HTML editing tools with content that is not dynamically generated. If, however, your website content is supported by a database, includes search capabilities, or has other dynamic features, then AFS Personal and AFS Group Websites is not the right option.


  • Pricing - No associated hosting or development costs
  • Support - Web hosting support from ITS and via documentation
  • Technical Specifications - HTML-based web pages limited only to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a few limited Apache SSI directives, images and other HTML-supported files
  • Versatility - Practical for simple and small websites requiring only a low degree of user interactivity

Sample Use Cases

  • Student wants to make CV available for viewing
  • Student wants to keep a set of links for easy navigation
  • Group wants to establish an online presence, which may link to other sites of interest
  • Professor wants to publish a course syllabus


Student, Faculty, Staff

Data Security

This option cannot be used for sensitive data of any kind.

Get Started/Guides

Before you begin, you will need:

Group home directories are best suited for sites where more than one user should have access to edit web content (e.g., departments, research groups, student organizations, etc). For more information or to request a directory, see the AFS page. After you receive confirmation that the directory has been created, see Managing Who Can Visit AFS Personal/AFS Group Webpages.