Web Hosting

Web Hosting allows people to publish websites. ITS provides web servers, database servers, and other infrastructure. Website owners are responsible for creating and maintaining their own website design and content.

Website Options

Choose your service based on your skills and needs:

  • Google Sites
    • Drag-and-drop website building
    • Low tech experience required
  • AFS Personal/AFS Group Websites
    • Hand-coded html/css uploaded via SFTP
    • Moderate tech experience required
  • GitHub Pages
    • Hand-coded html/css with version control
    • Moderate to high tech experience required
  • Pantheon at U-M
    • For-fee hosting of WordPress and Drupal websites for university units and groups
    • Moderate tech experience required
  • AFS Web Virtual Hosting
    • WordPress, Drupal and PHP web apps
    • High tech experience required

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