Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create a simple, personal or group website without the need for web design or programming skills.

With Google sites you can easily arrange content as you develop a web page, collaboratively develop a web page with your team, and employ template and layout designs that automatically adjust for screen size.

Access & Editing

There are built-in access controls for Google Sites, allowing you to restrict access to the University of Michigan community, or even specific individuals or MCommunity groups. You can also grant other U-M users editing rights.


Google Sites uses pre-built templates to allow you to create websites in your web browser without knowing anything about web technologies Such sites are available at URLs like:

Web Addresses

University units (including student groups) and individual faculty can have a custom domain name for their Google Site, but only if the domain name is under, for example

Google prohibits non-UM domain names — such as .com or .org domains — from being used with U-M Google Sites. Custom domain names are currently not available for Google Sites owned by individual students.

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