Alumni/Retiree AFS Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

University of Michigan Information and Technology Services (ITS) began retiring Andrew File System (AFS) storage for Alumni and Retirees starting October 26, 2023. In early 2024, Alumni/Retiree AFS users received a downloadable link to their AFS information and AFS was retired for Alumni/Retirees in May 2024.


What is AFS?

The Andrew File System (AFS) is a central digital file storage, sharing, and retrieval system known by many names since its creation in 1992. It has been referred to as “IFS” or “AFS”. It was accessible via “mFile” or through mapped drives from Campus Computing Sites. You may have also used it in the past either to host a static personal webpage or to login to UNIX platforms.

Do I need AFS to use the ITS Login service?

In order to connect to the ITS Login and SFTP servers, you need AFS data. Without AFS data you will get an Access Denied error when trying to connect. If your AFS data was removed and you need Login or SFTP server access, you will need to be sponsored. If you have an ongoing relationship with the university that requires you to continue to have access, please reach out to your university department HR contact to arrange a sponsored account. You can then request that your service be restored after the sponsorship has been established.

What is happening to AFS and why?

In an effort to properly manage available university resources and better secure the university’s IT infrastructure, ITS retired AFS for Alumni and Retirees only in May 2024.

  • Per stated policies, Alumni and Retirees lose access to AFS when they leave the university and do not have any other affiliation to the university and this effort is also in part cleaning up these AFS directories.
Who is impacted?
  • Only Alumni and Retirees who have no other affiliation to the university are impacted by this retirement effort.
  • Current faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates, and emeriti are NOT impacted by this retirement effort.

What Does This Mean For Me

Was my AFS data impacted?
  • Only Alumni and Retirees without any other affiliation to the university are impacted by this change. 
  • If you are actively working with a university group and will need access to your AFS data, please contact your university group to get sponsored.
I have sponsorship. Was I impacted?

Alumni and retirees who were sponsored by a U-M unit at the time were not impacted.

If I am using AFS, how was I impacted?

As of 5/3/2024, Alumni and Retirees AFS data has been deleted. This includes:

  • Login service information 
  • Raw data
  • Website content
Did I lose my U-M Gmail account?

No, your U-M Gmail account was not impacted by this change.

What if I did nothing?

If your AFS data was impacted, you received an email with a link to download your AFS data. If you did not download your AFS data prior to 5/3/2024, your AFS data was deleted.

What about my webpages?

The personal U-M hosted pages at<uniqname> were hosted from AFS. After 5/3/2024, your U-M hosted pages no longer function.