Backup & Storage

Compare Your Options

Use the new Data Storage Finder to browse and compare available storage and backup options.


ITS Departmental Backup services range from coverage of individual faculty and staff workstations to departmental servers.

  • Desktop Backup
    Automatic backup and disaster recovery of faculty and staff computers.
  • MiBackup
    Networked backup of data on your server-level machines (such as application and file servers, server-side databases, and research data collections).


ITS provides multiple options to help you access, share, and store your information.

  • U-M Dropbox
    Dropbox at U-M is a cloud file storage option that provides automatic back-up and is readily accessible from any device.
  • U-M Google Drive
    Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more—U-M Google Drive gives you the ability to collaborate with colleagues in real time anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Cloud Services
    ITS offers public cloud computing to the University of Michigan community. The service enables the U-M community to more easily consume public cloud computing. It integrates resources on campus, provides consulting services and training, and looks for opportunities to provide shared services using cloud computing.
  • Andrew File System (AFS)
    A central file storage, sharing, and retrieval system for U-M faculty, staff and students.
  • MiStorage
    MiStorage provides U-M faculty, staff and students the ability to store and access large amounts of data to support their specific application(s) in a user-friendly, secure, and cost-effective environment.
  • MiServer
    MiServer is a virtual server environment managed by ITS.
  • Advanced Research Computing (ARC)
    ARC provides access to—and support for—advanced computing resources. ARC facilitates new and more powerful approaches to research challenges in fields ranging from physics to linguistics, and from engineering to medicine.

Additional Information

  • Managing Your Data
    Tips for learning who owns what data, and ensuring that data lives on in the right place with the right person.