AFS Backup & Restoration

All the files on the Andrew File System (AFS) are backed up regularly for security and convenience.

  • Daily backups. Daily backups are kept for 14 days.
  • Weekly backups. Weekly backups are kept for eight weeks.

Should you accidentally delete, change, or otherwise destroy files in your AFS home directory, you can get copies of your space restored from the backups. There are two ways for you to recover from your backed-up files:

  • Access the most recent backup of your home or group folder by yourself anytime at no cost. 
  • Request a restore from any of the preceding 14 days or for a weekly backup from the past eight weeks.

To request a restore, please contact the ITS Service Center with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your uniqname
  • Location in AFS of the original file (the pathname)
  • Approximate date you last saw the file(s) you want restored

Recovery Time and Cost

Your entire Home or group folder will be restored as soon as possible although the recovery may take up to one business day. This service typically has no cost; however, ITS reserves the right to implement a charge for requests that will exceed the time and resources expended for a standard restore. You will be advised of any cost prior to performing the restore. For students, the fee will appear in their student account. Faculty and staff members should provide a departmental account or Shortcode.