Cloud Contact Centers

ITS does not currently provide end to end support for Cloud Contact Centers including: design, engineering, installation, configuration, operations or Cloud consultation.

The limited support that ITS is able to provide for Cloud Contact Centers at this time includes:

  • Forwarding of the current U-M phone number to maintain 5 digit campus dialing functionality.
    (Unit retains monthly recurring costs for this campus line and any additional U-M lines needed for Contact Center staff.)
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)Trunks integration if the Cloud provider has this functionality available.
    (The Unit is responsible for monthly recurring costs for SIP connection.)

At this time, ITS is unable to port U-M phone numbers to Cloud vendors. Today there is no charge per call for on campus Contact Centers, but customers will see call charges for Cloud Contact Centers if they are off campus calls. Customers will also see local or long distance call charges depending on the number used by the Cloud vendor.

Important: ITS is unable to troubleshoot issues when degradations or outages occur for Cloud Contact Centers unless the Unit also pays to maintain a backup U-M managed Contact Center.