Zoom Phone Call Queuing

ITS provides specialized call routing services in Zoom Phone to effectively support your contact centers, including:

Call Queue

An efficient service that routes incoming calls to a group of users. Additional services with Call Queue are also available such as Ringtone, Call recording, and Call Monitoring

Zoom Phone Power Pack is an enhanced license that offers Call queue Real-time analytics & Historical reports, and provides access to User Performance reports.

Note: Call queue members must have a licensed U-M Zoom phone number.

Auto Receptionist

A service that routes incoming calls to another Zoom phone extension, Call Queue, Common Area phone, or Voicemail. It can be set up also to route calls to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system (menu) allowing callers to hear a personalized recorded message and present them with choices to select from by pressing keys (0-9) on their phone dial pad, for example, transfer to another Zoom phone extension, another IVR menu, or a Call Queue.


Refer to the Zoom Phone Rates & Billing page for detailed rates.

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