Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Rates

ACD Line Rates

A standard telephone line includes the following features: call forwarding, hold, park, and transfer, caller ID (including name & number), consultation, last number redial, ring again, three-way conference, or Fax/Modem line with cutoff on disconnect.

Item Billing Code Monthly Charge
ACD Lead Directory Number LN-ACDD $19.10
Additional Lines in ACD Group* LN-ACD2 $19.10
ACD Agent Lines LN-ACDA $19.10
ACD Supervisor Line LN-ACDS $19.10
ACD Agent Personal Line LN-ACDP $11.90
ACD Supervisor Personal Line LN-ACDC $11.90
*Note: Excludes 800 numbers which are billed by the long distance company.

ACD Optional Features

Item Billing Code Monthly Charge
ACD FT-ACDF $12.05/set
ACD Special Recording FT-ACDR $62.45/group
Intercept Recording (30/60/90 Days) IN-INTCPT $1.00/set
Multiple Appearance Directory Number FT-MADN $1.60/set
Music on Hold FT-MED $3.45/line
Exchange Voice Mail EX-VCML $1.00/line
Voice Mail (Announce Only) FT-VMAN $4.70/set
Voice Menu Service FT-MENUSERV $48.95/line