U-M Slack Updates

New "Channel Manager" role in U-M Slack


Slack has introduced a new channel-level role known as “Channel Manager.” Whenever someone creates a new channel (public, private, multi-workspace, or Slack Connect), they are automatically assigned the Channel Manager role for that channel. Channel Managers can take administrative actions on channels to which they're assigned, including:

Note: Channel Managers must be members of the channel. Workspace Admins also have the ability to add or remove Channel Managers.

All existing channels in U-M Slack workspaces have had the Channel Manager role retroactively assigned to those who created them. You can view who the Channel Managers are for a specific channel by clicking the channel name drop-down, opening the About tab, and looking under the “Managed by” section.

Refer to the Slack Help Center for more information on Channel Managers. This feature is now available in U-M Slack.

New sidebar design for U-M Slack


Slack has announced changes to the look and feel of your sidebar in U-M Slack. The changes are as follows:

  • Removal of Slack Connect and multi-workspace channel icons. You'll notice fewer icons in your sidebar, and you will now have to hover over a channel name to see if it's a Slack Connect channel or a multi-workspace channel.
  • Color change to notification badges. The red notification badges in Slack’s default theme have been replaced with a more subtle white color to catch your attention without demanding it. (i.e., the notification badges are no longer red.)

Note: You can change your notification badges back to red from your Slack preferences under Themes > Colors > Mention Badge > enter #FF0000.

  • Alignment adjustments. Channels and headers will now be aligned in your sidebar at any screen size.

Before and after of the new Slack sidebar design

According to Slack, this update should have begun to gradually roll out to U-M Slack at the beginning of June, but there is no estimated date for when it will become fully visible to everyone.