Version 5.7

March 9, 2020

The eResearch Proposal Management system (eRPM) was updated on March 9, 2020. Updates include:

Deadline Policy Enhancements

    Updated Submission Deadline Date Activity

    The earliest an Updated Submission Deadline date can be is today, or checkbox for No Sponsor Deadline can be checked.

    Awaiting Final Proposal Workspace Message

    Added a new PAF workspace message in "Awaiting Final Proposal" state to provide guidance to Project Teams if a change is required after unit approvals are completed: If unanticipated changes to the administrative shell are needed, please contact your school/college/institute-level office for assistance.

    The assumption is that any change will require re-review, so Project Teams should contact their school/college/institute-level office. This office will need to remove their approval by first executing the Remove Approval activity and then send the PAF back to the Project Team for changes. Once the Project Team has submitted changes, the unit will need to approve again.

    Reviewer Inbox

    Added an Awaiting Finalization lister to the Reviewer Home Workspace, Approved Tab, for PAFs in "Awaiting Final Proposal" state.

    Award Enhancements


    Once an Award is created, a Hardship will not be able to be created on the PAF.

    Award Change Request (ACR)

    Added Foreign Component as a new Post-Award Change Request (Modification) Type.

    Compliance Status and Holds Email Notifications

    Text changes to clarify the difference between the holds and actions to be taken:

    • Updated Hold email to include Compliance Status and Holds Job Aid link and Hold Comments entered by ORSP.
    • Updated Compliance Hold email to include Compliance Status and Holds Job Aid link and this explanation: “A Compliance Hold has been placed on the Award referenced below due to one or more outstanding regulatory requirements. Funding will not be released until the compliance items indicated in the Award have been satisfied. Click the AWD link below and review the Compliance Status box to see the reason for the Compliance Hold. Contact the appropriate regulatory office if you have questions. ORSP cannot release Compliance Holds.”

    New Award and Award Modification Workspace Messages

    • Agreement Acceptance Request in Progress - see link on AWD Terms tab.
      What this means: Check the state of the AAR to see if you have an action item.
    • One or more of the sponsors is on the Restricted Party list.
      What this means: The Project Team should expect to hear from a Project Representative. If not, reach out to PR to see if any action is to be taken.
    • Multiple Principal Investigators
      What this means: This is only for Awards that include more than one Principal Investigator (NIH term in the terms and conditions); not for projects that include CO-PIs. ORSP will be checking the term when setting up the award.

    ​$$$ Tab

    • Added a Project Period Summary to include Project Period Start Date, Project Period End Date, and NCE Processed (yes/no) indicator.
    • Added a vertical scroll bar to the Budget Period Summarytable for those who have projects with many budget lines.

    Export Controls

    Technology Control Plans (TCPs)

    Updated questions and corresponding help text on the Security Measures page per suggestions from the university’s Information Assurance Office.

    Central Office Items

    Sponsored Programs

    Added validation of Financial Processing when a Project Grant on a budget period or funding action doesn't exist in the set of P/Gs.

    Office of Contract Administration (OCA)

    In a SUBK Amendment, the set of SUBK investigators can only be inactivated, not deleted.


    • In the Award record, the Cooperative Agreement Sub-Type can now be selected for Sub-Grant Award Type. Previously there was a validation error that prevented selecting a Cooperative Agreement.
    • If a PAF originated as a CTRF, went to the "Negotiation In-Progress" state, then was cancelled, the PAF stayed in the Inbox because the Negotiation in Progress flag wasn't cleared. This has been corrected.
    • ORSP - PR Inbox: Proposals Ready for Signing Officer Approval lister now excludes Med School submissions.
    • In the "Expedited Submission" state, ORSP will have the Send to Project Team for Submission to Sponsor activity available.​
    • Fixed process when PAF was incorrectly associated with an Award.

    UFA Enhancements

    • The FOIA Description field within the UFA activity Record Processing Steps has been updated from a single line to a multi-line field so that text isn’t cut off.
      Note: this field maps into the Research Title field when creating the FOIA letter.
    • Added a document uploader to the Return to Staff activity. Uploaded documents will only display in the Recent Activity and Activity History listers.