Version 5.6.1

January 22, 2020

eRPM SF-424/ application

On the budget forms (Research & Related Budget, PHS 398 Modular Budget, and R&R Budget Fed-NonFed) eRPM auto-populates into Budget Period 1 the Cognizant Federal Agency audit office and contact person. The forms have been updated with the name of the new contact person.

Important: If you ran the Copy PAF Info to Grants-gov Forms activity before January 22, 2020, please update the Cognizant Federal Agency POC Name and Phone Number to “Matthew Dito (214) 767-3764" in the Grant Application. Anyone running the activity after January 22 will see the updated POC information.

New eResearch website

The website for logging in to the eResearch systems and accessing training information has a new look and URL. The web pages have been redesigned and relocated to:

  • improve accessibility, searchability, navigation and layout,
  • be responsive and mobile-friendly; and
  • align with administrative systems supported by Information and Technology Services.

Page redirects are in place; however, we suggest you update any bookmarks. See the new website at

eRPM Request Bulk Project Team Administrative Changes

On the PI & Project Team, Reviewer, and Unit Liaison Home workspaces, the Request Admin Personnel Change form has been updated. The Project type(s) to be changed (AWD, PAF, and/or UFA) must now be selected.
Prior to submitting a request, we recommend that you run a report to identify AWDs, PAFs, or UFAs where an administrator is listed. The report can be downloaded, edited as needed, and then uploaded to the request form.