Version 5.6

January 6, 2020

The eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) 5.6 release includes updates to support U-M’s new Proposal Submission Deadline Policy, which is in effect as of January 6, 2020. Please refer to eRPM Release 5.6 Overview of Changes for more details.

PAF Updates

Proposal Approval Form (PAF) Workflow

  • PAF workflow changes including PAF states, decisions, and activities
    • New states for “Awaiting Final Proposal” and “Submission Deadline Missed”
    • Subway Map updated to reflect the new states and to better depict the post-submission states. See PAF Status Map for details 
  • For PAFs with a Submission Deadline, eRPM will calculate the assigned Review Type based on the day and time ORSP receives a unit approved and finalized PAF.
  • PAFs marked as “Incomplete” by ORSP are returned to the Project Team for changes.
    • The “Finalized” status is removed.
    • The ORSP Review Type (Full or Limited) is re-calculated once the PAF is completed, finalized, and re-submitted to ORSP.


  • New Update Submission Deadline activity for PI/Project Team and Reviewers to enter an extended deadline no more than 30 days later than the current deadline date.

  • New Remove Approvals activity for Administrative Home reviewers to undo their unit approval after a PAF is at ORSP. If the PAF is not re-approved, it will not be submitted.

  • Updated Finalize for Submission to Sponsor activity to mark the PAF as Finalized and ready to submit to sponsor.

  • Updated Expedite Submission activity to note that even if expedited, PAFs must be finalized prior to ORSP Review and approval.

Home Workspace Updates

  • Updated PI & Project Team and Reviewer role Inbox Tabs and listers to include new states of “Awaiting Final Proposal” and “Submission Deadline Missed”, as applicable.

PRE-PAF Changes

  • New question added that is conditionally displayed if 1.4 Is this a pre-proposal? is yes.
    • 1.4.1 Is ORSP required to sign this pre-proposal?
  • If ORSP is not required to sign or submit any documents, the workflow is expedited.  Once Unit Review is completed, the PAF skips ORSP and returns to the Project Team for submission.


  • Send to Project Team for Changes activity can be used to:
    • Return the PAF for required and/or recommended changes
    • Return the PAF as Incomplete if the proposal is not final and ready for submission 
  • Updated the Revoke Change Request activity so it can be used to cancel the requested changes to the Project Team, or undo a PAF that was marked as Incomplete
  • Updated ORSP Inboxes:
    • ORSP - PR project lister to present PAFs in order of priority for review/submission: Ordered with Full and Limited Reviews on top, then by submission due date, then by Target Date
      • new columns for Review Type and Changes Requested
      • renamed Proposals for Re-review lister to Post-Submission PAFs 
    • ORSP - Coverage updates
      • new column for Review Type
      • changed Deadline to Due Date, PGN to Previous Award, removed Finalized
  • For Med School Grants Office and ORSP: Display PAF Summary has a new button at the top for Deadline Policy Review which limits the fields that are shown.  Click the Show all fields button to display the entire Proposal Approval Form summary.
  • Improved organization of the Reports tab
  • New Operational Reports available for ORSP workload management
  • Updated the Turn Down Proposal activity to add reporting options