Version 5.5

September 9, 2019

PAF Enhancements

  • All other personnel who are participating in a proposal submission (Participating Investigator with effort, Participating Investigator without effort, or Other non-faculty Investigators) will now receive an email notification once a PAF is routed for Unit Review. If changes are made after routing, e.g., adding/removing a new investigator, then affected persons will not get an email.
  • Added language regarding the importance of disclosing outside interests, including those with foreign influence, to the following email notifications sent to investigators when a PAF is routed:  
    • email sent to PIs that PAF has been routed;
    • email sent to PIs who have not yet signed;
    • email sent to participating faculty.
  • Updated text on Send to Project Team for Changes email notification to clarify recommended vs. required changes.
  • Updated Manage Data Submission Instructions activity text.
  • Reordered columns on the PI/Project Team and Reviewer Home workspaces so deadline/target dates are together, and relabeled "Sponsor Deadline" to "Submission Deadline".

PAF and Award Updates

  • Corrected M-Inform hyperlink within the Sign PAF and Sign Award Record activities.
  • Added hyperlink to M-Inform on Change Conflict of Interest activities.

Award & Award Modifications Enhancements

  • Clarified text on the Post a Comment activity.
  • Validated RAR Date requirement on Submit COI Ancillary Review activity.


  • Removed the requirement to select an honorific when creating a non-UM user account.


  • Updates to support ORSP Signature Authority on Awards and Modifications by updating the following activities, smartforms, and workspaces:
    • Changes Requested, Log Contract Approval, PR Signoff, and Send for Contract Processing activities;
    • Added a new question on Award:
      • If Institutional Signature is “Yes”, then display “Is Contract Signed by ORSP?”;
    • Workflow changes to accommodate expanded signature authority, including updated Status Meter actions;
    • New tab on PR and Coverage Inboxes for Contracts to be Signed;
    • Email notifications on state transition to Contract Processing.
  • Updated language on Initiate Award Processing activity for institutional signature.