eRAM Reference Materials

Step-by-step instructions, job aids, how-tos, reference guides, and training support.

SSRS Reports

Animal Treatment Report (ATR/EMR Staff)

Husbandry and Veterinary Roles

Veterinary Roles

EMR Training Core Role

Generate TCI and TCU

Pocket Timecards

Husbandry Personnel

Pocket Timecard Entry Quick Reference Card

Facility Manager

Facility Inspections

PI/Lab Personnel

Action Plan Details & Complete Action

Facility Inspector

Facility Inspector Admin

Close Deficiency Action and Close Visit

All Roles

PI and Lab Personnel

New Version 2 (V2) Protocol

IACUC Protocol Application Form Version 2 is available in eRAM. For more information about the new template, see the V2 Overview of Changes.
Note: V2 job aids reflect the new protocol application form, Version 2. Please update any bookmarked job aids from V1 to V2.

*includes information regarding PI and PI Proxy only functionality

Committee Reviewer

Animal Protocol page list

Facility Manager

Review & Approve Containment Housing

ULAM Procurement Staff

Add New Vendors and Delivery Schedules