Unit Representatives

The Unit Representative group brings together individuals from campus organizations with ITS project leaders to prepare units, and the university as a whole, for new IT services.


As a group, the Unit Representatives will look ahead to important organizational and transition issues associated with new IT services. We will take on a shared responsibility in these areas:


  • Provide input and review on the IT projects' key messages
  • Bring our administration, HR, and IT staff members into the conversation
  • Collect feedback from our constituents
  • Serve as a voice of our unit, within the Unit Representative group
  • Serve as a voice of the IT projects, within our unit

Supporting Constituents

  • Assess impacts to our constituents; within the UR group build a shared understanding of those impacts
  • Anticipate points of friction with the coming changes and recommend approaches
  • Support events aimed at smoothing the transitions

Unit Readiness

  • Take shared responsibility for unit readiness
  • Identify a Unit Readiness Coordinator for each of our units
  • Collaborate with our Unit Readiness Coordinators to carry out readiness activities
  • Provide input on go/no-go decisions for our units


Unit Representatives List

To modify or inquire about membership, please contact the ITS Customer Relations team.

Unit Representative Meetings


  • ITS Web Platform
  • Password Reset Improvements (EIAM Program)
  • Table Talk: Feedback to ITS re: Unit Reps
  • Priority Network & Telecommunications Projects


  • IAM Program Update & Social Login Demo
  • ITAM & Software Licensing Update
  • Procurement: Xerox MFD & Print Issues
  • Canvas Catalog Demo
  • ITS Cloud Services Expansion
  • Box Deprovisioning Changes
  • MiWorkspace Service Strategy
  • EIAM Program - Uniqname Options
  • CTools Project Sites - update on SPH pilot and revisions
  • Panel Discussion: Procurement, Hardware, Software
  • Enterprise IAM (Identity and Access Management) Program
  • MiWorkspace Service Strategy
  • Printing / Procurement panel - New Xerox contract
  • CIO Kelli Trosvig Comments
  • Q&A
  • Table Exercise


  • Welcome and introductions & CTools Project Sites updates
  • ServiceNow and Toolkit updates
  • U-M DNS Server re-addressing
  • Duo (2 Factor Authentication) opt-in
  • U-M Security Strategy and Related SPG
  • Update on M-Token/Duo Project
  • Canvas Course Sites
  • CTools Project Sites
  • Brief Update on MiWorkspace Foundations
  • Two-factor Authentication Project

To view presentations or recordings prior to 2016, please contact ITS.Customer.Relations@umich.edu.