Unit Representatives

The Unit Representative group brings together individuals from campus organizations with ITS project leaders to prepare units, and the university as a whole, for new IT services, significant changes to existing services, and retirement of key services.


As a group, the Unit Representatives will look ahead to important organizational and transition issues associated with new and retiring IT services. We will take on a shared responsibility in these areas:


  • Provide input and review on the IT projects' key messages
  • Bring our administration, HR, and IT staff members into the conversation as needed
  • Collect feedback from our constituents
  • Serve as a voice of our unit, within the Unit Representative group
  • Cascade information about the IT projects within our unit

Supporting Constituents

  • Assess impacts to our constituents; within the Unit Representatives group build a shared understanding of those impacts
  • Anticipate points of friction with the coming changes and recommend approaches; communicate those to project teams and Customer Relations team
  • Support efforts aimed at smoothing the transitions

Unit Readiness

  • Take shared responsibility for unit readiness
  • Identify Unit Ambassadors from our units for projects, as requested by ITS
  • Collaborate with our Unit Ambassadors to carry out readiness activities throughout our units
  • Provide input on timing of service changes for our units


As ITS provides a wide variety of services that impact many roles within each unit, membership in this group should include administrative leaders as well as IT leaders.

Unit Representatives List

To modify or inquire about membership, please contact the ITS Customer Relations team.

Unit Representative Meetings Archive


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