Wolverine Web Services Project

Consistent, security-enhanced, cost-effective, enterprise web services are critical to the university’s mission. By providing a suite of central web hosting services to campus, the university will be able to better manage cost, compliance, and security of U-M websites.

Wolverine Web Services (WWS) will provide a variety of multi-tier website content management (CMS) and website hosting services to campus. Faculty, students, staff, university groups, student organizations, and departments will be able to choose from three tiers:

  • A free tier for personal and group websites.
  • A paid tier for managed WordPress or Drupal web hosting for websites up to and including mission-critical university business websites.
  • A paid tier for hosting web applications, both off-the-shelf and custom-written.

Current Status:

  • Winter 2024:
    • Conduct pilots with campus partners
    • Finish development on the self-service portal
    • Finalize the managed websites service tier
  • Winter/Spring 2024: 
    • Launch the Managed Websites Tier for Campus

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