Container Service Platform Upgrade

The ITS Container Service is undergoing several exciting changes.


A new hosting environment is being created in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new environment is a fully-managed solution from Amazon and Red Hat called Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). This new environment replaces an existing environment in AWS that has been managed by ITS since 2019.

Several service upgrades will be rolled out with the new environment. See these in the Benefits & New Features section. The new environment has been in pilot phase since April 2022. Upon the new environment reaching production, existing workloads will need to be migrated from the existing environment, which will be decommissioned.


Additionally, a new container hosting environment will be available in on-campus data centers. This environment caters to those containerized applications that require lower latency access to on-campus data such as the Enterprise Data warehouse, MiDatabase, or MiStorage.