Container Service Platform Upgrade Benefits & New Features

Along with the new hosting environments, several new features will be available to those who develop or manage containerized applications:

  • Service-Provided Backups: Customers will be able to request automated backups. These will be run daily for either disaster recovery or roll back after testing.
  • Certificate Automation: Those applications that leverage certificates for security will be able to request and renew their certificates automatically. This reduces the chance of certificate expiration.
  • Compromise Scanning: Hosted applications will be scanned for compromise. The service has always scanned applications for vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning will continue and now add scanning for security compromises.
  • Full support for Kubernetes Operators: Operators automate the life cycle for containerized apps. The latest version of hosting software provides full support for deploying applications via operators.
  • Disaster Recovery: The service underwent the process of maturing its processes to ensure it can recover quickly from a disaster.
  • Multi-Stage Docker Builds: Multi-Stage builds allow for smaller, more secure container images. The latest environment offers full support for building images in this way.