In-Building 10GbE Rates & Billing


10 GbE connections may require the following custom networking installation activities. These are billed on a time & materials basis.

  • A CAT 6 connection to a network access layer switch from your server(s) with a 10Gbase T copper card.
  • 10 GbE fiber connection between the laboratory or office Ethernet jack and the telecommunications closet.
  • An Access Layer Switch (ALS) in the telecommunications closet if more than one piece of equipment in a lab requires 10 GbE connectivity.
  • 10 GbE fiber connection between the telecommunications closet and the building DLS.
  • 10 Gbps connectivity between the building DLS to the network core (if the building is still connected at 1 Gbps).
  • Potential upgrades to the building DLS to accommodate increased bandwidth.

The following rates & billing information is provided to convey a rough estimate for equipment needs and potential costs. Contact your ITS Infrastructure Project Manager for more information and estimates.

Network Switches

Item Est. Cost
ALS with 48 1/10/25GbE Fiber Ports $11,000
Fiber Optic Module for the DLS (per connection) $100
Fiber Optic Module for the ALS (per connection) $100
Optional Service Agreement for ALS Monitoring & Maintenance Varies

Switch Placement

Please keep in mind that switches are loud and, therefore, belong in Telco closets, and other non-human occupied spaces.  There are currently no switches available that meet the network requirements while also being appropriate for human-occupied space. If you consider purchasing Switches, contact your  ITS Project Manager during the design phase as the switches' placement should be taken into consideration as early in the process as possible. ITS will work with units to solve this issue, but there may not be a possible replacement after switches are installed. 


Existing networking conduit/raceway will be used whenever possible. When additional installation is required, ITS can provide a design to be installed by the Plant Department. Costs vary based on distance, building construction, and aesthetic requirement.

Fiber Installation

Item Est. Cost
Fiber Installation See ITS Labor Rates
Fiber Optic Cable - 06 Single-Mode Strands Between Closet & Lab $2,750 (Est. 250 Ft.)
Fiber Optic Cable - 12 Single-Mode Strands Between Closet & Lab $5,250 (Est. 250 Ft.)
Fiber Optic Cable - 24 Single-Mode Strands Between Closet & Lab $7,500 (Est. 250 Ft.)
Additional Outside Fiber Installation See ITS Fiber Lease Rates
  • To see the current connectivity for your location, check our Campus Building Network Connections list. 
  • If the installation of your 10 GbE connection is part of a construction or renovation effort, units may consider including the cost of fiber between the core network and the building DLS as part of the construction budget.