Internal Controls Other Reports/Tools

Internal Controls Other Reports can help you:

  • Review high-level summary data that is used to certify appropriate controls during U-M’s annual financial certification.
  • View and analyze management data for a school, college, or unit throughout the year.
  • Drill down to details.

These reports cover the following processes:

  • Gift Fund Analysis
  • Cash Deposit Controls
  • Credit Card Controls
  • P-Card/T&E Controls

The tools are used to complete the annual Internal Controls Certification Process

Access Details

Your access to Internal Controls reports is based on your Departmental Security Settings (DSS) and the role(s) you are assigned. Note: Your default DSS is the department group of your Primary Appointing Department (PAD) but can be narrowed or expanded, if necessary, during the access request process. Your PAD is the department that grants the appointment for your primary job.

Who needs access?

Individuals responsible for the annual financial certification process in their school/college/department group and those who support the certification process need to use Internal Controls reports. 

How do I request access?

To request access, submit an OARS request for M-Reports ICOtherTools. No one is automatically granted access to Internal Controls Other Reports/Tools.

What can users see?

When you first view an Internal Controls report, you see a report for a default criteria set (i.e., the initial report filters) that is based on your Departmental Security Settings. You have the ability to drill down and see further details.

Data Sources

Sources Sets & Dictionary Refresh Schedule
Internal Controls Employment Reports contain data from the following M-Pathways systems: Financial and Physical Resources, and Human Resource Management

Cash Deposit and Credit Card Report data is stored in a data cube called ICEmployment the source for this cube is PeopleSoft (M-Pathways) tables.

Gift Fund and P-Card Controls: See Financial

Tools data is stored in M-Reports tables.

Cash Deposit and Credit Card:
ICEmployment cube refreshes:
November through July: On the 2nd business day of each month.
August through October: Not refreshed in order to provide static data for the Internal Controls certification process.

Gift Fund and P-Card Controls: Financial