Sites @ Home FAQ

How long is a device loaned for?

Laptop loaners are available for terms of one or two semesters.

Am I responsible for accidental damage to the device?

As outlined in the contract and terms of service, students are responsible for the proper care of any loaned devices. Most accidental damage is covered as part of the program at no additional cost to the student. Deliberate damage or damage due to gross negligence will not be covered.

What if my device is accidentally damaged?

Please bring the device to the Michigan Union Tech Shop as soon as possible. Be ready to provide the following information:

  • Date & Time of Incident
  • Location of incident
  • How damage occurred
What if I have a problem with my Laptop Loaner device/software? Is there support?

ITS is providing full device support to users of the Laptop Loaner Program. Please see the Campus Computing Sites Support Page for a full list of support options.

Which students are eligible for this program? Does it include grad students?

The Laptop Loaner Program is available to all U-M students (Ann Arbor campus), including graduate students.

I’m visiting home/studying from home. Can I take the laptop loaner device with me?

Yes, the device may travel with you anywhere in the United States. The device may not leave the country. If you need to leave the country, you must return the device.

How will I get the laptop?

After you’ve been approved, please visit the Michigan Union Tech Shop at your soonest convenience for device pick-up.

What if I leave the University of Michigan before my loan ends?

You must return the device. Please stop by the Michigan Union Tech Shop at your soonest convenience.

What if I miss the deadline to return the laptop?

By accepting this loaner you agree to return it within two weeks of your due date. If you do not return the device within that time frame, you agree to be charged the full purchase price of $1,200 to your student account and we reserve the right to hold your transcript and/or registration until the balance is paid or the loaner hardware is returned.

What computer will I get?

You will receive a well-configured Dell Windows PC laptop.

Can I get a Mac laptop instead of a PC?

Starting Fall 2023, Sites @ Home will have limited MacBook availability. If you need to use a Mac, they are available in Campus Computing Sites labs.

Can I install my own software on this machine?

Students will have local admin access and can install software (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud) on their own.

NOTE: Students should be elevated to admin privileges the first time they sign into the device. If a student doesn’t have admin on their Sites @ Home device, please bring the device back to ITS Tech Consulting so this can be corrected.