Softphones Support

Cisco Jabber & IP Communicator

The Cisco Jabber softphone can easily place, receive, and manage telephone calls using a computer with an internet connection. The Cisco Jabber softphone is available for Windows and macOS, while Cisco IP Communicator is only available on Windows. Both the Cisco Jabber application and Cisco IP Communicator can manage two different phone numbers at once. U-M VPN (same link is fine) using a faculty, staff, or student profile is required when off the U-M Network. Additionally, Cisco Jabber is available from ITS as a phone-only client. Calendar/photo ID, chat, and video capability are not available.

Note: ITS is no longer offering the ability to use mobile devices (iOS and Android) as a softphone solution. This is due to increasing issues with the service.

Getting Started

The audio quality of a softphone connection - both what you hear and what the other person hears - is impacted by the microphone and speakers used. While mostĀ computers come with built-in microphones and speakers, investing in a high-quality headset to improve audio quality is best. A headset can also reduce surrounding noise and increase privacy. See theĀ ITS website for recommended headsets.

Softphone Installation Instructions

User Documentation