Features & Benefits of Using a Softphone

The Cisco Jabber softphone can allow you to place, receive, and manage calls using a computer with an internet connection. The softphone is available for both Windows and macOS.

Note: ITS is no longer offering the ability to use mobile devices (iOS and Android) as a softphone solution. This is due to increasing issues with the service.

The audio quality of a softphone connection - both what you hear and what the other person hears - is impacted by the microphone and speakers used. While most computers come with built-in microphones and speakers, investing in a high-quality headset to improve audio quality is best. A headset can also reduce surrounding noise and increase privacy. See the ITS website for recommended headsets.

Find out if you're a candidate for a softphone.


  • Traveling - Employees can communicate with team members or clients using the same phone number when they travel.
  • Lower maintenance of traditional phone — Desk phones can be expensive to install and maintain. If your unit moves to another location/building, installing and moving landlines can take a longer period of time to relocate. With softphones, the software is installed on a computer and doesn't have to be rerouted if you move offices or during employee travel.
  • Other useful features:
    • Audio Tuning wizard
    • Quick Search directory dialing
    • Comprehensive online help system
    • Changing the appearance of IP Communicator
    • Drag-and-drop dialing
    • Cut-and-paste dialing
    • Pop-up incoming call notification
    • Alphanumeric dialing
    • Keyboard shortcuts