Cisco Softphones

Note: For new softphone requests, ITS provides Zoom softphones. An exception would be an individual who begins working for a department that is already using Cisco softphones and they need to be added to the existing service (e.g. contact center).
A Cisco softphone can run on a computer, allowing you to use the campus network to make calls. Faculty and staff continue to use their university number without requiring dedicated telephone hardware.
With a Cisco softphone, you can place, receive, and manage telephone calls using your computer with an internet connection. U-M VPN (faculty, staff, or student) is required when off the U-M Network.
ITS does not provide the ability to use mobile devices (iOS and Android) as a Cisco softphone solution.

Note: It is inadvisable to call 911 from your softphone as it will connect you to Campus DPSS and provide incorrect location information (This applies to Cisco softphones only- not Zoom Phones) .