Nuisance/Malicious Telephone Call Guidelines

Malicious and Harassing Calls

Should be reported to the Division of Public Safety & Security (734-763-1131). You may be asked to complete a police report with information on when the calls were received.

Spam, Annoying, Nuisance, and Robocalls

  • Suspected spoofed call advice:  You can always call back the number displayed on your phone if you receive a suspected "spoofed" call.  This precautionary measure is suggested when unsure about the legitimacy of the call.  Calling the number back allows you to verify if it was really that phone number calling you.
  • Zoom Phone Users: You can block specific numbers from incoming calls directly from the Zoom desktop client or mobile app. See instructions on how to:
  • Non-Zoom Phone Users: Calls cannot currently be blocked.

Large-scale, Excessive Spam Calls

If you are receiving daily more than 10 spam calls from random numbers, ITS would like to know so we can report the numbers to regulatory agencies that investigate such issues, please report this to [email protected].

Other Calls

You can report phone scams, identity theft, and more to the FTC using the FTC Complaint Assistant. For information about avoiding phone scams and voice phishing, see Phone Scams & Voice Phishing (Vishing) on Safe Computing.