Grouper at U-M Use Cases

ITS has been working with various use cases to pilot Grouper at U-M and have experienced success.

  • Adobe
    Automated provisioning for Adobe Creative Cloud and Spark licenses using current institutional role data to create an access policy updated daily to MCommunity. Grouper also allows for a 30 day grace period before people who have lost their entitlement to Adobe licensing are removed. (Creative Cloud: 138,000 people; Spark: 162,000 people)
  • Virtual Sites
    Automated provisioning for Virtual Sites, a tool that allows faculty, staff, and students to access a full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop virtual desktop from any device. Virtual Sites access policy group is composed of up-to-date institutional role data and automatically synced to Active Directory daily. There is a 30 day grace period before people who have lost their entitlement to Virtual Sites are removed.
  • Flint Active Directory
    An access policy group containing Flint Alumni is now automatically maintained in Flint's AD production environment by Grouper.
  • Designated shared network drives
    Eighty (80) individual departments require access to LSA shared network drives. The access is managed manually today. Access policy groups in Grouper will automatically manage the membership and be automatically provisioned to existing groups in U-M Root Active Directory.
  • Papercut
    Over 180 different department groups of employees previously managed manually will be automatically managed by Grouper access policy groups and provisioned to MCommunity.

Other Use Cases

Visit Internet2’s Grouper Wiki Community Contributions page to see what other institutions are doing with Grouper.