U-M Grouper Current Capabilities

We are consistently updating Grouper’s capabilities as we learn what is needed from you, our U-M community, and through working with our peer institutions. Currently, services that read from Active Directory or eDirectory for access management and only need their membership updated in near-real time are a good fit for Grouper.

The current capabilities of Grouper can be defined by answering the following:

What can I do with a group in Grouper?

Grouper automatically syncs groups to places where they are needed for access control. 

Currently, Grouper is able to sync (provision) the memberships of groups to Active Directory and eDirectory (MCommunity) in in near-real time where they can be read for access control to services. 

Below is an example of Grouper use cases syncing groups to be used to control access to Active Directory and eDirectory:

What Institutional data is available to create an access policy group?

Using Grouper’s reference groups to create your group membership will keep your membership up to date with changes as they occur in university source systems. Refer to Available Institutional Data in Grouper for more information on using Groupers reference groups to create membership of your access policy groups.