Features & Benefits of Grouper at U-M


  • Decentralized access allows IT professionals across campus to quickly create and manage their own access policy groups using predefined, centrally available groups of institutional data.
  • Using groups of institutional data kept current in near real time to create the membership of an access policy group in Grouper will keep the access policy group’s membership automatically up-to-date.
  • Access policy groups are easily integrated with target systems for automated provisioning. Current integrated target systems:
    • Active Directory
    • eDirectory 
  • Reports are available to review membership and administrative changes to an access policy group over time.


  • Automated access control saves time and ensures the right people have the right access at the right time.
  • Enforced access policies are especially helpful for timely deprovisioning.
  • Decentralized access to Grouper gives IT professionals across the university greater control over provisioning access to their services. This may result in providing access more quickly to users.
  • Authorized staff can easily see who is in an access policy group and what access it provides.
  • Memberships currently are updated in near-real time.