PrivaScope Data Types

Initially, PrivaScope is focused on providing access to the following university data sets:

  • WiFi Location Data
  • Space Utilization Data
  • MCommunity Role Data

This could be expanded to include other administrative or operational data (e.g., Registrar’s Office grade data or MCard swipe data).


As shown below, processed WiFi location data is expected to include data fields such as a unique individual identifiers, locations of access points, proximity to specific access points at certain times, paths, collisions (where 2 paths cross within a short time interval), and cohorts (where groups of people share a common movement pattern).

Likewise, MCommunity data is expected to include data fields such as role (e.g. faculty vs. student vs. staff), home address, and office location. Space utilization data is expected to include the role of rooms (e.g. classroom, conference room, or office). Eventually, data from MPathways (e.g. gender, ethnicity) or the Registrar’s Office (e.g. class schedule and grades) could be included as well.

To complement our academic, lab, and administrative space data, we hope to extend the university’s WiFi infrastructure to buses, bus stops, and the surrounding community both to enable better network access and to better support mobility-related research.