Unit Requirements for Using eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)


The eResearch Proposal Management system has list of individuals who can approve for departments. We originally gather this information from the Research Unit Liaisons. In some cases, multiple people are included for back-ups. Please refer to your unit business practices/policies for approval.

Only Research Unit Liaisons can change who has rights to approve (Unit Approvers) in the system.

To learn more about the various system roles and email notifications, see Manage Department Information.

Proposal Preparation

As you create a proposal in eResearch, the system has 3 different types of questions:

  • * Required to Save = Must answer before page can be saved.
  • * (red asterisk) = Must answer before route for approval.
  • No asterisk = Not required by system. Check with your unit for their policy/requirements. 
    Although a question is not required by the system, check with your unit regarding their requirements/business policy. Many units have documented their requirements/policies.


Contact your Research Unit Liaison to find out more about where to find information about your unit's policies/requirements.