Versions 4.7 and 8.0.4

October 1, 2017

PAF Cost-Share Functionality Changes

A number of changes were made to cost-share functionality in the eResearch Proposal Management System (eRPM) to align with the outcomes from a Research Administration Advisory Council Workgroup on Cost Sharing that helped to better define Cost Sharing and the language in eRPM, on ORSP's Cost Sharing web page.

PAF Access for Department Administrators (Reviewer/Approvers)

Department Administrators (Reviewer/Approvers) will now have access to view all PAFs in eRPM via a new PAF Query option that has been added to the top navigation bar.

  • New PAF Query option allows for searching across all PAFs
  • New All My PAFs tab added in Reviewer Workspace to view PAFs related to department
  • New All My PAFs tab added in PI & Project Team Workspace to view all PAFs where you are included as part of U-M Investigators or Administrative Personnel
  • For details please refer to the Find Projects section of the Reviewer Quick Reference Card

Agreement Acceptance Request (AAR) Updates

The following system changes were made to AAR processing:

  • New AARs are created by ORSP for awards that require additional approvals.
  • Updated AAR Project Workspace includes Status Map to easily identify where the project is in the workflow
    • Shows only stops required for routing
    • Standard AAR requests will follow consistent workflow, including separate states for the Project Team and PI
    • “Other” request type now has customizable routing
      • ORSP will select the approvals needed. Previously stopped with Project Team, PI, Department, School/College/Institute.
  • For more details please refer to the AAR project team and reviewer step-by-procedures.

New CTSU Questions on PAF

New Clinical Trial Support Unit questions display on Research Activity Page if Human Subjects is “yes.”

5.1.4: Has or will the project team coordinate with a Clinical Trial Support Unit (CTSU) in regards to this project?

If yes, Clinical Trial Support Unit:

  • Acute, Critical Care, Surgery & Transplant
  • Ambulatory & Chronic Disease
  • Behavior, Function & Pain
  • Children's
  • Heart, Vessel, Blood
  • Oncology
  • Neurosciences & Sensory