SF424 Version 8.4

December 2, 2017

SF424 (Grants.gov) Application Enhancements

Support for NIH Forms-E

The NIH has introduced new/updated forms and instructions labeled Forms-E. Applicants must use Forms-E for due dates on or after January 25, 2018. See the announcement.

Web-based Forms

As announced in August, new and existing forms are transitioning to the new web-based design. The following forms have transitioned to the new format:

  • PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental Form V4.0 (HHS)
  • PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement V4.0 (HHS)
  • PHS 398 Research Plan V4.0 (HHS)
  • PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan V4.0 (HHS)
  • PHS Assignment Request Form V2.0 (HHS)
  • PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form V4.0 (HHS)
  • Research & Related Other Project Information V1.4 (Grants.gov)
  • NSF Cover Page V1.8 (NSF)
  • NSF Senior Key Person Profile (Expanded) V1.1 (NSF)
  • NEH Matching Request Form V1.0 (National Endowment for the Humanities forms)
  • ANEW Program Specific Data Form V1.0 (HHS)
  • ED-900 General Application for EDA Programs V1.0 (Department of Commerce)

A new form is available:

  • PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information V1.0 (HHS)

Enhanced Subaward Import Functionality

  • There is no longer a version limitation on importing subaward forms. The subaward form can be an older version or the form downloaded from Grants.gov forms repository (e.g., fill out a R&R Subaward Budget V1.3 and import it into the R&R Subaward Budget V1.4).
  • Note: A known issue with Subaward Form V1.4 requires you to delete extra rows prior to importing.

Research & Related Other Project Information Form

  • The issue with missing attachments not displaying on the generated PDF version of this form has been corrected. 
    Note - As of this time, you cannot change the order of the uploaded documents in Other Attachments. We have reported this issue to our vendor and hope have a fix soon.
  • Note - Change to information copied from PAF to Grants.gov Forms: We are no longer able to copy the Human Subjects Pending indicator or the HUM Expiration Date using the “Copy PAF Info to Grants-Gov Forms” activity. The data will need to be typed in manually.