Version 4.8

December 11, 2017

Updated language to support broader definition of clinical trials and single IRB-of-Record

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is introducing a number of significant changes for proposals due on or after January 25, 2018. These changes include a broader definition of clinical trials and the requirement to utilize a single IRB-of-Record (sIRB) for all NIH-funded multi-site studies involving non-exempt human subjects research. Existing questions and help text on the Proposal Approval Form (PAF), Clinical Trial Routing Form (CTRF), and Unfunded Agreement Form (UFA) have been updated to reflect the changes. transition from Adobe Forms to Workspace

eRPM has been updated with instructions for using Workspace as an alternative method for completing submissions that are not supported directly via eRPM. The majority of U-M submissions are completed in eRPM via system-to-system transmission. Workspace is's online environment to complete and submit federal grant applications. On December 31, 2017, will officially retire PDF application packages as a method to apply for federal grants. In the rare event that your submission is not supported in eRPM, instructions are provided on working with ORSP to complete and submit your proposal via Workspace.

Updated text for Human Substances question

The Proposal Approval Form (PAF) question regarding use of human substances has been updated for improved clarity.
Previous text: Use of cadavers, human body parts, (e.g., organs, tissues) or human body substances (e.g., ​blood products, body fluids, ​cells/cell lines, and pathology materials)?
New text: Use of human substances including cells/cell lines, blood products, body fluids, tissues, pathology materials, organs, body parts, cadavers?

SF424 ( Application

The issue from the previous release with Subaward Form V1.4 requiring extra rows to be deleted prior to importing has been fixed.